Vision & Mission

Cyberhive EUROPE® evolved from the ECSO market radar, an initiative to analyse Europe's cybersecurity market maturity by identifying its companies and their solution offerings. Next to this yearly report, ECSO spurs internationalisation and investment opportunities for the European market. One of the initiatives to promote the quality of European products and services, is the CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE® label. A market differentiator aiming to raise awareness of the value of European cybersecurity companies and developing their business based on trustworthy European values. Cyberhive will reinforce the two initiatives, by incorporating the label and its efforts to promote and increase the visibility of European cybersecurity companies on the global market. Also, with the data coming from Cyberhive, an advanced and live analysis can be made of Europe's development in the cybersecurity industry. 


"Increasing the global strength and recognition of the European cybersecurity market."


"Give European cybersecurity vendors' international solution recognition by providing a customisable matchmaking and marketing tool adapted to unify the European community of cybersecurity vendors."