Become a friend of the hive

Join the 'friends of the hive'

Fill in this user experience survey, and gain access to our Signal group. This is a proactive group containing vendors, end-users and investors from Cyberhive. The ‘friends’ are extra motivated and interested to participate in or contribute to activities on the Cyberhive. These activities can vary from providing feedback, to completing requests like recommending Cyberhive, writing rating & reviews, supply of data (like surveys, user info), or giving advice. 

Fill in the survey here, or copy this URL in the browser:

Or request your spot here:

Exclusive benefits

For this, the friends receive complimentary services (like extra visibility, or community contributions), special offers (like speaking opportunities) or presents (like free access to exclusive or new ‘insights’). The table below illustrates some of the beneficial offers the friends profit from.

Beneficial offerExamples
More visibility

Testimonials on Cyberhive

Testimonials shared via ECSO/Cyberhive socials

Exclusive contributions in the community

Personal blog on topic of interest

Articles (when not damaging the transparency/legitimacy/objectiveness of Cyberhive)

Highlighted events/articles in community page

Push notifications to users (should be specialised to certain kind of users; with preference for specific solutions + market expertise)

Free/discounted access to event participation (webinars, in-person meetings)

ECSO/W4C events (webinars, expo’s, talks, etc.)

Partnering events from members 

Events from members

Webinars from other friends of the hive

Speaking opportunities

ECSO contentThe monthly and quarterly Cybermarket report
ECSO services

Intelligence from the policy task force

Access to the CISO community

Access to the HR community

W4C sponsor opportunities

The benefits come from ECSO or the Cyberhive network. In addition, it is a unique way for non ECSO members to experience some of ECSO's activities. The friends can register easily via Cyberhive with their account, and afterwards can join the Signal group to learn about the friend’s beneficial offers. For friends that would not want to use Signal, there is a way to register via email. However, messages with benefits or requests might be sent later than messages in the Signal group.