Cyberhive Task Force - Preliminary Workshop outcomes

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12 July 2024

On the 22nd of March, we established the "Cyberhive Solution Listing Task Force". It is a temporary group where industry experts support designing a trustworthy and replicable mechanism to evaluate European cybersecurity solutions. In 4 workshops, the Task Force will construct a method supported by vendors, end-users and investors, to evaluate cybersecurity solutions grouped by the NIST framework. 

Workshop outcomes
  • W1 Criteria Development

    Established a first list of objective criteria aligned with European cybersecurity needs, covering aspects like functionality, market presence, organisational transparency, European readiness, and user experience.

  • W2 Evaluation Process

    Refined the list of criteria. The criteria were clustered in 3 criteria groups: 'solution criteria', 'company criteria', and 'European readiness criteria'. Based on the defined criteria, and units, the data type and manner of data gathering was defined. 

  • W3 Listing Development

    Gathered input on the existing challenges of the listing design, like gathering input dependent on users and validation of data. 

  • W4 Dissemination and Promotion

    Implement a transparent and objective evaluation methodology based on utilising data analysis, expert reviews, and user feedback. Establish communication channels and engage in targeted marketing activities to disseminate the Listing findings and maximise its impact as trusted mechanism.

Using the input of four organised workshops, the listing will be a European alternative to the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Cyberhive will be the main data source for the first concept listing, which will be published in Q3 of this year. Interested to provide support? Contact our task force leader Tom (

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