How to become a Cyberhive member?

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12 July 2024

Follow our step-by-step guide to profit from a basic membership! 👇

1. First, log in with your verified account! 

After receiving our verification email, you can set up your password, and complete your representative profile. 

2. Go to ‘Subscribe now’

After setting up your password, you can now pick your membership at ‘My account’.

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Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

3. Select a membership

Pick a quarterly basic or professional at ‘Subscribe now’ in your settings.

4. Apply your promotional code (if you are lucky enough to have one)

After adding a quarterly membership to your cart, you can add the coupon code at the checkout. Press ‘Apply coupon’. 

Get a basic year for with the coupon 'freemiumBASICmember2024'


5. Fill in & verify ‘Billing information’

Fill in all ‘Billing information’ and click on ‘Continue to review’. If all information is correct, you can click ‘Complete checkout’. 

review billing data

Congratulations, you are now member of Cyberhive! 🎉

Important: to get your organisation listed, fill in all organisation profile data and do the same for promoting your solution! A basic membership allows promoting 1 solution, while a professional membership offers as many solutions as you wish. More information on listing your solution, and promoting your company can be found here

Try it out! You can always decide whether you want to extend and become a paying member or not.

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